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Aztaka is a side-scrolling adventure/RPG game that blends classic gameplay with modern technology and high-end graphics.
Aztaka can be found at the CitŽrŽmis website http://aztaka.citeremis.com as well as on Impulse at http://www.impulsedriven.com

Set in a world of Aztec myth, Aztaka casts the player in the role of Huitzilo, heir to the Sun God. Huitzilo seeks to fulfill his destiny by reuniting the seven Ancestral Phonograms, thereby opening the Path of the Gods and leading his people out of an era of darkness and bloodshed. Accompanied by his faithful companion Ayopha - trapped in the form of a hummingbird by a magical curse - Huitzilo overcomes the obstacles in his path through a combination of fighting prowess and spiritual magic.

"Everyone at CitŽrŽmis is a gamer of the old school," says CitŽrŽmis President and Lead Developer Jonathan Mercier, "and our goal is simply to make the sort of games we love to play ourselves." "With Aztaka, we've tried to take what was great about some our favorite classic titles, and bring it into the 21st century by taking full advantage of the available technology. It's a game that should appeal to everyone who feels nostalgic for the 8- and 16-bit era, but the graphics and gameplay will also impress the younger crowd."

Aztaka uses an innovative hybrid control scheme. The player moves Huitzilo around the screen with the keyboard, while casting spells and manipulating spiritual energy with the mouse. Spiritual energy, represented on-screen by globules of light, is central to the game's mechanics - by dragging and dropping it with the mouse, the player can solve puzzles, create routes to access new areas, heal injured characters, and more.

Already receiving high praise for its exceptional graphics, compelling storyline and immersive gameplay, Aztaka will reach a wider audience now that it has been picked up by Impulse. "Our biggest challenge at the moment is just getting the word out," says Mercier. "We've got a great product, but the computer game market is very competitive, so we need to reach as many eyes as possible. We're delighted that Stardock has decided to put Aztaka on Impulse, as that's a huge potential user-base."

CitŽrŽmis is a creative video game studio located in Sherbrooke, Canada, with the objective of creating innovative games with an emphasis on simplicity and fun. The team consists of a mix of fresh talent and industry veterans, all passionate about computer gaming. Since its inception in 2005, the company has worked on on multiple projects, Aztaka being the most recent
and most ambitious.

The Game

Inspired by Aztec legend, Aztaka will casts you into the middle of a war between the Gods and Mankind. Who will prevail? As Huitzilo, heir of the Sun God, skilled in both the arts of combat and magic, only you can save your people from the wrath of the Aztec Gods.

Aztaka features graphics of a quality never before seen in a game of this type. Grand, richly-detailed backdrops and fluid character animations will plunge you into the legend of Huitzilo and his quest to collect the seven Phonograms.

With 21 levels, Aztaka provides a veritable new universe for Action/RPG fans to explore.


-Manipulate spiritual energy to solve mysteries and vanquish foes

-Enhance and customize your character by training skills and abilities, and acquiring ancient artifacts.

-Embark on optional side-quests to acquire valuable items and gold.

-Visit shops to buy and sell potions, rings, piercings and skills to aid in your travels.

-Challenging yet simple spell casting system

-Twenty-one unique and detailed levels

Trailer can be found here:


Visit www.aztaka.com to begin exploring this unique world.