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An absolute riot, Articulate! Is a hilariously raucous team game for 4 to 20+ players. How quickly can you define a word without actually saying it? Speed is of the essence in this fast-thinking, fast-talking game - the more words your team can guess from your descriptions before the timer runs out, the quicker you’ll cross the finishing line. And that’s without saying ‘rhymes with’ or ‘sounds like’.

Everyone gets to have a say – DESCRIBERS and GUESSERS – as players frantically try to put over words as diverse as “limousine”, “accruing” … and then “a tulip”, in just 30 seconds. Besides talking, you can gesticulate or mime – if you feel that will help! Things get frantic, but suddenly, your time is up – and another fast talker takes centre stage.

Just to spice things up, there’s ample opportunity to sabotage your opponents when the spinner comes into play. Indulge your vicious streak by moving them backwards, or your own piece forwards. And if you thought that was mean, wait till one team lands on a Control Segment. Then it’s a free-for-all of epic proportions that would drown out the Tower of Babel!

Retail price is £29.99. It is available from Woolworths, Tesco, John Lewis, Harrods, W H Smith, major Department Stores, Amazon, many catalogues and most good Toy Shops, including Toys R Us, Gamleys and Hamleys.

And for all those ARTICULATE! enthusiasts already out there, “Extra Pack No. 1” would make a great ‘extra’ Christmas present. 500 new cards with 3,000 new entries will keep your brain in gear, your tongue firmly tied, and the manic fun going!

The ARTICULATE! “Extra Pack No. 1” is just £14.99

Stockists’ information number is 01506 855577,
or visit their website at www.drumondpark.com