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Gamepage 2010

X Blades
£29.99 £39.99 £ £39.99 £
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To celebrate the launch of X-Blades in the UK, real-life model Jodie Dart donned a specially created outfit based on Ayumi’s armour in the game. The 22-year-old from Plymouth then recreated recognisable poses from artwork of Ayumi, including the stunning cover art.

Just by looking at X-Blades players can see that this won’t be another run of the mill action game. The large and detailed worlds, combined with beautiful artwork and film-like cut scenes, are only the beginning of what X-Blades has to offer.
In X-Blades, players take the role of the beautiful treasure hunter Ayumi as she battles through waves of enemies in her search for a powerful and ancient relic. Armed with her trusty pistol blades, Ayumi relies on her acrobatic skills and lightning-quick fighting style to cut a swath through the hordes of evil keeping her from her goal. If she becomes overwhelmed, Ayumi can add devastating and upgradeable magic attacks to her combos to defeat her enemies.

One of the many features you’ll find in X-Blades is the idea of letting the player choose their own character direction, The type of combos learned, magic abilities upgraded and even the layout of the controller buttons are completely up to the player, giving them the opportunity to play Ayumi in any way they like. Add that level of personalisation to the already top-notch fighting engine and sexy art style, and you’ll find that X-Blades delivers for both anime and action fans alike.
More Spells and Beasts ...

More Action from X-Blades, the fast-paced action adventure game, featuring a blend of cinematic style and beautiful anime-inspired characters, combat and environments

Lightning: You might not think that atmospheric bursts of anger are acceptable from a sweet-looking young lady. Good thing I’m not! Don’t make the mistake of annoying me in combat because I will let you know that you are in a highly charged way. I learned this move while climbing in the Himalayas and it really paid off. I can now summon lightning to strike through multiple opponents, even enemies in the air! (Requirements: Lightning Blades)

Lightning Range: I personally love this move when I am surrounded by enemies. The bolt of lightning itself really isn’t that powerful, but the look from one monster’s face to the next, as the bolt paces through them all, is simply priceless. I’ve also found that this is a particularly good way of taking out bothersome machines. (Requirements: Lightning)

Giant Galapagos: Before the Giant Galapagos was captured and altered by The Dark, they were easygoing creatures that inhabited a faraway land. During modification, they were covered with heavy armor that protected them from bullets and Cold magic. Giant Galapagos have a powerful fire attack, but no defense against fire.

Jay: Jay is another traveler-hunter Ayumi meets on the Island. He saves her from a deadly trap, unsuccessfully tries to remove her curse and takes part in Ayumi’s fight against The Dark. This young hero is quite skilled for his age; he attacks with a powerful explosion of Light and his punches are brutal.