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Gamepage 2010

Rubik's Puzzle World
£ £ £24.99 £24.99 £
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The Rubik’s Cube is one of the greatest puzzle conundrums of all time. Ever since it hit our stratosphere, populations the world over have become so hooked they can’t put the little fella down. Now this incredibly addictive concept has evolved into a totally new dimension… Deep inside the Cube’s heart is a beautiful white world inhabited by brightly coloured cubes which fly around the player – helping out, making up games, having fun!

The radical and completely unique ‘RUBIK’S PUZZLE WORLD’ for the Nintendo DS™ and the Wii™ (from The Game Factory) goes into the shops in early October. Ideal for players aged 8+, this ‘out of this world’ game is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

What’s going on? Have you ever wondered what the inside of a Rubik’s Cube looks like? How about if you could take each little cube that makes up the Rubik’s and turn it on its head? What if you could put the reds with the reds and the blues with the blues; stack the cubes high; turn them into characters; take on loads of addictive puzzles and challenges; or even solve the original Rubik’s… but on-screen, and in its own ‘cubetastic’ world?

This game is not about solving the Rubik’s Cube – although you can do that too, if you wish. It’s literally many steps beyond. Lots of brain boggling puzzles are ready to burst out at you – great to do on your own or with your mates. And the DS version will allow you to connect to other Rubik’s Puzzle World enthusiasts through the wi-fi or bluetooth connection… and the Wii version can take up to 4 players and features an online messaging board.

Think brilliant. Think intelligent. Think the Einstein of puzzle games. The incredible concept of Rubik’s has gone virtual with a whole load of gripping, easy-to-play puzzle games, which in turn increase in difficulty as you delve deeper and deeper inside this 3D cube world.

Why not challenge your mates to a Rubik’s party? Or just get together in the playground, in the car, over the weekend - or even online. In this amazing place you can build 3D shapes and designs with the cubes, navigate through mazes and even create your own soundtracks. But be prepared to get totally addicted to the fast-paced little ‘Cubie’ puzzlers that take on the DNA of the original and brilliant Rubik’s Cube.

Visit www.gamefactorygames.com
and for stockists call 08700 276504