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Gamepage 2010

Brand new interactive DVD released exclusively by 4DVD on Monday 17th November 2008

Renowned comedian Jasper Carrott OBE presents Golden Balls: The DVD Game, a game of luck, intuition and barefaced bluff.

Ever watched Golden Balls and thought you could outwit the other contestants? Well now you have the chance to put your bluffing skills to the test with the launch of the Golden Balls interactive DVD game.

Released on Monday 17th November 2008, the DVD game features exclusive clips and commentary from comedian and host of the show, Jasper Carrott, as well as game play that will test your intuition, luck and nerve’, as you play alone or with family and friends, in a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

With gameplay identical to the TV Show, there are one hundred ‘Golden Balls’ concealing different cash amounts - from £10 to £75,000 - up for grabs; if you want to win the game you must be prepared to do whatever you can – be it lying, cheating or simply playing it straight – to avoid being voted off the game.

To successfully make it through to the big money final showdown, where you will face the ‘split or steal’ dilemma, you will need to convince your opponents that you are holding the Golden Balls containing the big cash amounts and not the devastating Killer Balls, which can turn pounds into pennies within seconds.

This game will test the audacity of its players. Who will you trust in this game of deception versus truth?

The Golden Balls DVD Game pushes DVD capabilities to its limits. Players must use the interactive element of the game alongside the additional ‘Golden Wheel’ to secretly outwit their opponents. With secrecy the key to this interactive game, Golden Balls is set to be the most exciting and nerve-tingling interactive title of the year.

Golden Balls on ITV1 has seen huge success since its launch in June 2007 and attracted over 2 million viewers daily, frequently beating established shows in its tough 5pm time slot.

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