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Gamepage 2010

Mercury Meltdown 
£ £34.99 £ £ £

Mercury Meltdown expands massively on the unique game play and look already experienced in the award-winning original.

Once again taking control of the liquid Mercury ‘blob’, players must avoid various obstacles and hazards to reach the end goal. The Mercury blob itself has now been given an overhaul and has 4 varying ‘states’ – Normal, Solid, Fast and Slow. These states allow for larger more complex levels, which in turn mean a greater challenge and more enjoyment to be had for the player.

The number of levels has more than doubled – now 160+, and with the newly added feature of Downloadable Content more levels will be made available at a later date, via Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s official www.yourpsp.com website.

Wireless 2 Player modes have also been an important addition, with 5 sub games each providing a challenge against the computer or a friend.

The goal is simple… Just guide your ‘blob’ of liquid metal through a cartoon world of full of traps and pitfalls. Avoid all the dangers and preserve your precious cargo intact to progress through to the next level and you’ll find the gameplay exciting and incredibly addictive – it will eat away the hours whout you even realizing where the time has gone.

Mercury Meltdown Features:
All new graphic Style
Over 160+ new and challenging levels
New Wireless Multiplayer games modes
Hidden Labs and Party games to unlock
State-of-the-art blob physics
Free look and Replay modes
Fairer Game progression
Super Fast load times
Tutorial Mode
Downloadable content
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