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Gamepage 2010

Mercury Meltdown Remix PS2
£ £29.99 £ £ £

Mercury Meltdown Remix, the popular franchise, has its first showing on the PlayStation2.

Take control of a liquid Mercury ‘blob’, and avoid the various obstacles and hazards to reach the end goal. The Mercury blob itself now has 4 varying ‘states’ – Normal, Solid, Fast and Slow. These states allow for larger more complex levels, which in turn mean a greater challenge and more enjoyment.

Featuring a total of 12 labs (two of which are exclusive to the PlayStation®2 console version), Mercury Meltdown Remix offers a massive 200+ levels, more than any previous Mercury title.

“Mercury Meltdown Remix builds upon the solid foundation of the PSP® version, and offers the gamer some unique and exclusive extras,” said Peter Rollinson, Product Manager, Ignition Entertainment Ltd. “Mercury Meltdown Remix is the most accessible Mercury game yet.”

Mercury Meltdown Remix Features:
Over 200+ challenging levels – more than any previous Mercury title
Hidden Labs to unlock. Including two exclusive to the PlayStation2
Awesome Specular Lighting and special effects
Dual analog control with Rumble feedback
State of the art blob physics.
Fairer game progression
Bonus features to unlock
Tutorial Mode

For more information please visit www.igntionent.com or www.mercurymeltdown.co.uk