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PDC World Championship Darts 2008 
£29.99 £16.99 £34.99 £39.99 £29.99

PDC Darts 2008 on Wii allows players to immerse themselves in the realism of the sport, and go head-to-head with the greatest PDC Champions.

PDC Darts 2008 has been carefully crafted, allowing players to throw using the Wii Remote as they would a real dart. "Using the Wii remote to throw the dart is the closest thing to real darts yet – GAME ON” – Phil Taylor, 13 Times World Champion.

There are 16 PDC Champions to play as or compete against, including: Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld, Peter Manley, Wayne Mardle, Dennis Priestley, Adrian Lewis, Alan Warriner-Little, John Part, Colin Lloyd, Mark Dudbridge, Roland Scholten, Ronnie Baxter, Terry Jenkins, Kevin Painter, Andy Hamilton and Andy Jenkins and player AI is calculated using real life averages from major tournaments as well as being based on actual playing characteristics such as stamina, belief, pressure, complacency and accuracy.

All throw styles and walk on’s - have been motion captured and are fully integrated along with 4 Games Modes: Exhibition, Tournament, Career and Party Games. The in-depth career mode, realistically reflects each players progress through the PDC calendar, featuring 7 of the major PDC tournaments and there are three difficulty levels for extended play and learning curves; Amateur, Professional and Master.

Customisable elements include player model, skin tone, eye colour, nationality, name, hairstyle, hair colour, eyewear, shirt style and colour, throwing angle, level of difficulty i.e. meter on (Amateur) or off (Pro and Master) and preferred checkout. Select from a range of barrel weights and different flight designs to create your perfect customised character.

Commentary comes from TV’s ‘Voice of Darts’ Sid Waddell and top level match referee Bruce Spendley and there are 7 real-world tournament sets and locations common to the PDC circuit.
The game stats displayed in-game, at the end of match and stored as high-scores and trivia and the sound effects include convincing dynamic crowd sounds, darts hitting the board and realistic commentary. There is also a Wii Remote sensitivity option which allows you to change the sensitivity of the Wii Remote to tailor to your own throw style.
Immerse yourself in the realism of PDC Darts 2008; Go head-to-head with the greatest PDC Champions and be part of the year’s most fierce console Championship.