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Gamepage 2010

Armored Core 4 
£ £49.99 £ £49.99 £

Armored Core 4 is the latest title in the historic mech-battling action and simulation saga, and is the first ‘next-generation’ incarnation of the internationally beloved franchise. This dazzling brand new chapter offers the ultimate in fast-paced, high octane mech simulation.

Armored Core 4 exploits the awesome power of PlayStation 3 to deliver astounding visuals and eye-watering special effects, including dynamic lighting and shadows, swirling water and mysterious fog. Mech designs benefit from massively more detailed 3D models and the arenas and environments now offer a giant leap in interactivity and detail. Players can use these interactive features to their advantage, for instance by smashing open arena walls to let in the light and search for enemies, or by hiding in water to ambush rivals.

The classic customisation returns in full effect in Armored Core 4. Every element of the game is designed to offer players the highest possible level of customisation when designing and building their mechs. With just a few simple and intuitive steps, players can augment their creations with serious weaponry, external armour and internal hardware and then fine tune and tweak each unit for best performance. The possibilities are almost infinite! Players are able to test drive their creations in a series of trials and then, when ready for battle, challenge other mechs in order to advance through the exciting tournaments and leagues.

Multiplayer modes feature heavily in Armored Core 4, with deathmatch games and most importantly, full online support for battling with international players as well as exchanging match data, emblems and even entire robot creations.

With its abundance of features, awesome destructive firepower and fast-paced action, coupled with the incredible level of detail in customising mechs, Armored Core 4 is a sure-fire hardcore action game smash.

Join one of six factions specializing in different aspects of battle - - - Multiplayer allows up to eight players to clash online.

Global Armaments(GA)
The greatest integrated military company in the Pacific Rim economic region. GA is a standard military company, and has a solid reputation for practical and stable armaments. Their arms are characterized by simple strength, and have a strong military-like flavour.

Rosenthal is an integrated military company that was derived from a huge industrial conglomerate. They offer versatile arms with an excellent sense of balance that are backed up by well thought-out designs. They create elaborately beautiful machines with near-futuristic precision weaponry.

Rayleonard is an emerging energy company. They occupy an important place in the development of Kojima Technology, which is an essential technology of AC. They are known for their ambitious and aggressive design policies that defy the boundaries of existing weapons. In most cases, they produce arms with a radical sense of technology and military flavour.

BFF(Bernard and Felix Foundation)
An integrated military company that has an adversarial relationship with GA but close ties with Rosenthal. They’re known for their extremely centralized operating system that promotes aggressive mergers and acquisitions. Their AC units are characterized by highly precise and sophisticated armaments and they offer the best line-up of sensors along with numerous state-of-the-art arms, and excel at high-precision machinery.

Made up of an alliance of major military companies in continental Europe. With leading companies of actuators and laser technologies in their ranks, they are characterized by high-performance and expensive arms that make full use of cutting-edge technologies. Their design process is streamlined.

Eqbal is an industrial integrated enterprise known for a solid mass-production system and slightly unconventional arms that do not give a sense of fixture. Most of their weapons have a somewhat unusual atmosphere.