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Dungeon Lords  
£24.99 £ £ £ £

The great wizard, Galdryn of the Meadows has been slain by a deadly conspiracy within the Circle of Mages. His chief ally, Lord Davenmor, now struggles top save his kingdom from dark foirces of the conspiracy and the onslaught of Lord Barrowgrim's army of marauders. Lord Davenmor has promised his daughter's hand in marriage to Lord Barrowgrim to quell the invasion, but her heart belongs to another and after learning of her fathers pladge, she has vanished. Sensing treachery. Lord Barrowgrim has sent his army to destory Lord Davenmor and raze the kingdom. Thus begins Dungeon Lords, a tale of Love, Hate, Betrayal, Revenge, Honor and Evil.

Dungeon Lords blends the depth of an Epic Fantasy RPG with the flexibility of an FPS-style control system. Gamers journey through a land of ancient castles and dungeon lairs to engage in real-time tactical combat with a variety of deadly foes. It's not just about the battles though, as magic spells and hundreds of powerful weapons and artifacts play a huge role in the game.

The game features an abundance of personal missions and quests along with numerous characters to interact with. Players can customize an extensive variety of skills and special abilities for the hero, including race, features and class specializations. The simple and intuitive design will thrill RPG and action fans alike and supports cooperative multiplayer for up to eight players.

Features Include…The depth of an epic Fantasy RPG with the flexibility of an FPS-style control system. New quests, spells, effects, monsters, heraldries and character customizations. 7 playable races including humans, elves and dwarves and also a number of non-human "demi-goth" races. 4 schools of magic – Arcane, Celestial, Rune and Nether. Co-operative multiplayer, supporting up to 8 people at once over LAN or Internet.